2005-08-26 13:56:15 ET

anyone care for an ear update? or is it old news?

2005-08-26 14:03:07 ET

you have ears?

2005-08-26 15:11:50 ET

How're them ears doin'?

2005-08-26 15:33:46 ET

tell me.

2005-08-26 16:25:10 ET

Well, my friend took me to a "real" piercing shop and they talked to me a bit. Which was definitely helpful! Apparently they looked "angry" but at this point in time, I had nothing to worry about. Although now I'm having some yellowish discharge from one of the piercings, my Mom (the nurse) says I still have nothing to worry about.

Oh and this morning, I woke up and one of them had fallen out. EEP!

Birthday tomorrow!!

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