*le sigh*
2005-08-31 14:35:17 ET

I need a girlfriend, I just can't deal with boys.

I miss her so much. :( I meet her when she was 15, she's 18 now...we were together starting that night. The one from the picture. I miss her.

2005-08-31 18:14:51 ET

She's cute.

2005-08-31 21:45:10 ET

(it's so old) but yes...very cute :(

I've always been jealous of her.

2005-09-01 08:46:32 ET

awwww....thats so sweet
She is a very pretty girl

2005-09-01 09:06:54 ET

she's become such a beautiful women.

2005-09-01 15:10:39 ET

she looks just like me when i was that age.
and ditto on that needing a girlfriend/not liking boys thing.

2005-09-01 15:17:29 ET

I saw her today at registration for school. She totally ignored me :(

2005-09-01 15:20:07 ET

i *hate* (normally i wouldnt use those funny stars, but im oh-so-passionate about this) when you see people you were close to once upon a time and they ignore you. like you never even knew each other. thats one of those things that really gets me.
you should've thrown something at her, for sure.

2005-09-01 15:26:03 ET

my friend said she'd crub-stomp her...i said "honey, that's a little extreme"...so she decided she should key her car :(

2005-09-04 19:10:13 ET

I like her hair :)

2005-09-05 04:35:30 ET

If it were me i would go for the girl instead...but you know me.
For sure thats what i would do!

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