I need to tell ya'll somethin'
2005-09-05 18:37:52 ET

My butt hurts.

Oh, and go to www.illwillpress.com and go to \"toons\"

Funniest website ever!

2005-09-05 18:56:10 ET

why does your butt hurt?

2005-09-05 19:01:58 ET

Just cuz, lol.

2005-09-05 19:14:00 ET

um yeah foamy rocks.

Sorry about your butt I'll be gentler next time heh.

2005-09-05 19:44:03 ET

Foamy is awesome. Sorry about your butt.
Bad Gage, Bad.

2005-09-05 20:26:57 ET

ha ha.

2005-09-05 20:42:03 ET

want to have a 'kiss my ass and make if feel better' party for ya?

2005-09-05 20:45:25 ET

hells yes!! ^.^

2005-09-06 11:27:35 ET

aww I had a ferret name Foamy....but he died

2005-09-06 16:12:54 ET

*kisses ass to make it feel better*

I miss foamy, he bite like a snap dragon but damn he was cute.

2005-09-09 04:14:11 ET

He..was the shit

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