2005-09-06 17:56:05 ET

I'm in such a lousy mood.

I'm so angry at him. Even though I shouldn't be.

I keep dreaming that he's doing something wrong and I'm so fucking paranoid, it's ridiculous.

I'm angry at my Mom and she's been as sweet as possible.

I'm crying randomly.

I've kept my blinds closed going on 3 days now.

I've been drinking since 3 o'clock. (I'm surprised my Mom isn't stopping me.)

I haven't showered today.

I cut myself again.

2005-09-06 19:29:05 ET

Im so sorry, i really hope things get better for you. You know im here for you ANYTIME you need to talk. If you actually want to talk on the phone, give me a nunber and a time to call.
*big ehugs*

2005-09-07 04:26:08 ET

I know just what you feeling right now
You should talk to me

2005-09-07 18:48:12 ET

you can talk to us

2005-09-07 18:57:35 ET

Thank you all.

2005-09-08 13:35:23 ET

How ya doin' today?

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