Buffy Musical!
2005-09-18 18:39:39 ET

This is David and I in a few weeks.

2005-09-18 19:28:50 ET

oh oh oh I love buffy
SPIKE IS so Beautiful

2005-09-18 19:30:59 ET

my boyfriend (when he tries) looks A LOT like him!

2005-09-18 19:32:01 ET


2005-09-18 19:35:28 ET

This might not be the best example...but when he slicks his hair back and puts on a trench...it's pretty good. Oh, and makeup to make him look more gaunt.

2005-09-20 05:57:47 ET

i love spike!!!!

2005-09-20 06:11:54 ET

Who doesn't love Spike. <3

2005-09-27 19:08:40 ET

James marsters is so beautiful

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