2005-10-03 14:48:40 ET

The sun shooting into my retina like a firey bullet
It's orange & purple haze warming my soul

Early morning calms me
Looking out among the crashing waves.

Each step I take provokes the water to swallow me whole
The sand softens the fear brought on by the blue nothingness

I drench my bare skin in water
Cautious so the never ending sea will not envelop me
and carry me away

Beads of translucent water run off my arms
It's a spiritual clensing...a temporary baptism, wash my sins away

I am able to face the day once I've bathed in natures holy water.

2005-10-04 20:47:58 ET

nice poem :D makes me miss the beach alot :(
Im not much of a morning person, but i did the same thing in the middle of the night once, under a full moon i walked along the beach... it was so great.

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