2006-03-06 17:49:20 ET

do i look high?

ethan and i. if you can't guess, it's rocky horror.

us again. floor show.

make up time!

rehearsal. riff, columbia and magenta.

just make up.

my dear freind taylor and i.

2006-03-06 18:50:18 ET

*growls* i have to come watch one of your shows sometime... no excuses from me! haha

2006-03-07 17:15:34 ET

I love it when Columbia does that little screech/squeal during her
tap dance segway - it's just soo Showtune cute Ya' gotta' love it.
I always thought of her as Betty Boop crossed with a VERY DARK Red Dwarf Sci-fi Pippy Longstockings.

2006-03-09 00:26:56 ET

we have this place out here that does the rocky show as well.

2006-03-21 20:07:41 ET

that looks like amazing fun!

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