My Music2007-04-26 11:07:40 ET

Do you want to know, which music I like? :P Then read! Sorry for bad english, I am so stupid! :D

I mostly like punk 77, but chaos punk, ska, mods, Oi too...

Bands: Adicts, 999, The X, The Maniacs, Vapors, Chords, Drones, Germs, Chelsea, SHAM 69, Angelic Upstarts Menace, Guilty Razors, Nipple Erectors, Rezillos, Wasps, Wire, Undertones, Partisans, Plasmatics, Slits, Automatics, Stranglers, Victims, Tenpole Tudor, Fast Cars, Eddie and The Hot Rods, Bags, V2, Vibrators, Slaughter and The Dogs, Generation X, Skids, Ruts, X-Ray Spex, Peter and The Test Tube Babies, The Lurkers, Jam, Jermz, Cheap Sex, Discipline, Discharge, Varukers, Vice Squad, UK SUBS, Twinkles, Toy Dolls, Specials, Toasters, Skarface, Boomtown Rats, Casualties, Stiff Little Fingers, SS-Kaliert, Public Image Ltd., Members, Perkele, Eater, 86 Crew, Blitz, Devotkchas, Damned, Defiance, Oi Polloi... and more...

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