If you want to know someting, ask! But take care, I am biting! :P

I wanna have this here from now:

Bands I like (mostly it's punk77): Adicts, 999, The X, The Maniacs, Vapors, Chords, Drones, Germs, Chelsea, SHAM 69, Angelic Upstarts Menace, Guilty Razors, Nipple Erectors, Rezillos, Wasps, Wire, Undertones, Partisans, Plasmatics, Slits, Automatics, Stranglers, Victims, Tenpole Tudor, Fast Cars, Eddie and The Hot Rods, Bags, V2, Vibrators, Slaughter and The Dogs, Generation X, Skids, Ruts, X-Ray Spex, Peter and The Test Tube Babies, The Lurkers, Jam, Jermz, Cheap Sex, Discipline, Discharge, Varukers, Vice Squad, UK SUBS, Twinkles, Toy Dolls, Specials, Toasters, Skarface, Boomtown Rats, Casualties, Stiff Little Fingers, SS-Kaliert, Public Image Ltd., Members, Perkele, Eater, 8°6 Crew, Blitz, Devotkchas, Damned, Defiance, Oi Polloi... and more


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Do You Like Insect?2007-07-16 14:42:14 ET

Yesterday 17th july I was sitting in my room and talking with friends at ICQ, I live in block of flats at 10th floor, when I saw this, I didn't know what to do. I don't like insect but I don't fear of it. But this??? It was so big! I was watching it for few minutes and then it jumped down from the window sash, then I started to affraid, I ran to my bad and I hid under blanket, I think I was little bit noisy and my dog started to bark at it ----> My grandma came to my room caught it and kill it :( and she went sleep. ALL. THE END! But I didn't want to kill it... Poor insect.

GO VEGANS!2007-06-11 03:57:00 ET

Don't buy cosmetics tested on animals! Don't eat meat from supermarket! I am not against eating meat, I think it depends on treatment, and the meat, which we can buy in normal supermarket... oh... do you know where the meat comes from? You don't wanna know! I am against outrageous treatment with animals!

People... Today...2007-05-13 03:00:21 ET

What would you say about it?
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My New Haircut2007-05-03 03:17:59 ET

Ehm... I must show you... ;) Maybe I am little bit sellfish

Salad Fingers2007-04-28 06:29:36 ET

Have somebody ever seen Salad Fingers? ;) I love it, if not watch this

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