My New Haircut
2007-05-03 03:17:59 ET

Ehm... I must show you... ;) Maybe I am little bit sellfish

2007-05-03 06:35:33 ET

looks good.

2007-05-03 20:33:47 ET

For some reason I cannot possibly fathom that picture makes me think of platypus fur.

2007-05-05 00:58:07 ET

Ou thank :D:D Now I wanna long hair... then I must wait :)) ehm but now I don't have the back hairs down there... My boyfriend cut it away :D:D:D

2007-05-13 05:56:02 ET

it's a mullet?

2007-05-13 06:13:01 ET

it's called Chelsea

2007-05-13 11:57:37 ET

last I heard chelsea's didn't have mullets in the back.

2007-05-13 12:17:50 ET

most girls with a chelsea also have a chunk of longer hair on the back.

2007-05-13 19:16:12 ET

weird, I've never seen it like that. Whatev.

2007-05-14 01:29:59 ET

I don't have the back hairs now... I must wait till it will grow...

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