2007-06-11 03:57:00 ET

Don't buy cosmetics tested on animals! Don't eat meat from supermarket! I am not against eating meat, I think it depends on treatment, and the meat, which we can buy in normal supermarket... oh... do you know where the meat comes from? You don't wanna know! I am against outrageous treatment with animals!

2007-06-13 08:37:22 ET

These used to be the best vegan lip glosses in the world

2007-06-14 03:13:29 ET

thx for tip :) but fortunatly I don't use lip glosses...
I found veggie boots on the net and lots of good thing :P but in my small country is little bit hard to find some vegan things or vegetable and fruit without GMO... and the hair color, oh this is the most difficult...

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