Salad Fingers
2007-04-28 06:29:36 ET

Have somebody ever seen Salad Fingers? ;) I love it, if not watch this

2007-04-28 08:14:19 ET

I love all of david firths stuff. The milkman is my favorite though.

2007-04-28 22:57:35 ET

Yes yes it's great but my favourite is Salad, but VIDEO DATING TAPE is great too :DDD

2007-04-29 00:27:12 ET

Yea, that and I love the Valentines one 2 :D lol

2007-04-29 00:47:45 ET

Ou, I didn't see it... I am going to watch it ;) Have you seen Magical Trevor? :D it's on weebls stuff :D

2007-04-29 08:23:35 ET

Yea, I love weebl too. I actually have the 1st magical trevor on my myspace.. lol

2007-04-29 10:21:55 ET

Heh, for the first time I saw Salad Fingers at weebls... then I found David Firths web page... I don't have profil at myspace, I don't like myspace... Too many people, but you can have there radio :))

2007-04-29 10:35:44 ET

lol, I dont really like myspace either... but I need to have one for my music so at least SOMEONE in the world will know who I am, lol.

2007-04-29 11:09:24 ET

aaaa I hate this internet abbrevations like lol, omg, wtf... :DD I hate if somebody use it in normal live conversation... :D but here I can stand it. Myspace is too public I think, SK too but myspace is worse... SK is not so generally used or how I can explain it... :D and I like unusual things ;)

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