Tomorrow - Today - The Same
2006-01-24 18:41:11 ET

Today was insane. College life isnt quite what I expected it to be. Is this college? Is art school the same thing as college? I dont know. These people drive me mad. I really thought I might meet someone at school, but all I see are people who don't realize 1999 is over, and we can move past Korn and nu metal. This is a nightmare, each and everyday. They either want to be the next Todd McFarlane or Frank Miller as I long to be the next Andy Warhol or Robert Crumb. Its a bad scene.

2006-01-25 07:08:39 ET

ick. that sucks.
i'm afraid of college for this reason.. i will probably hate it.

2006-01-26 16:19:16 ET

uhm, i'm sorry to tell you but...
i'm going to be the next r. crumb.

2006-01-27 12:26:05 ET

That's what can be reffered to as "Bad News Bears"
That's how I felt when everyone wanted to make documentary film while everyone else wanted to make the next Good Will Hunting or move to America and work for MTV.

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