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Hello, my name is Norm and this is BLEh.

chronological context
living downtown
making up popular sayings
rare emotional language
sleep disorders

These are a few of my favorite things...

Since people will ask, I dig Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Lou Reed, the Velvet Underground as well The Feelies, Rivers Cuomo, AM Radio, and Ozma.

I study sculpting in Dayton Ohio.

 right now.    2006-02-03 16:49:14 ET
i think i need to seek professional help.

 this weekend    2006-01-28 21:39:27 ET
I cant believe I was in the middle of a damn near riot last night in my hometown of beautiful Dayton Ohio. Those guys got what they deserved.

The love of my dreams ignors me.

Tomorrow night is televion I wait all year for. My favorite PPV.

This must be wrong. I'm by myself.

Soooooooooooothing Roxy Music.

I need a Citrus Drop.
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 Tomorrow - Today - The Same    2006-01-24 18:41:11 ET
Today was insane. College life isnt quite what I expected it to be. Is this college? Is art school the same thing as college? I dont know. These people drive me mad. I really thought I might meet someone at school, but all I see are people who don't realize 1999 is over, and we can move past Korn and nu metal. This is a nightmare, each and everyday. They either want to be the next Todd McFarlane or Frank Miller as I long to be the next Andy Warhol or Robert Crumb. Its a bad scene.

 HELLO EVERYONE...    2006-01-23 20:31:04 ET
Just joined SK at the request of my SK pal, dreadpirateroberts. I checked out the scene, dropped a couple of random IM's to people I found interesting. This is a new world to me. I thought I would never have a blog. Is this a blog? At least its not myspace, right?