2006-01-23 20:31:04 ET

Just joined SK at the request of my SK pal, dreadpirateroberts. I checked out the scene, dropped a couple of random IM's to people I found interesting. This is a new world to me. I thought I would never have a blog. Is this a blog? At least its not myspace, right?

2006-01-23 21:09:15 ET

Welcome to Sk. . . I don't think this was meant to be a blog, more like a sharing of ideas between people. However, somehow along the way it turned into a network where people came together sorta as a family. haha I know it's cheesey but that's just the way I see it. . . .

2006-01-23 21:25:41 ET

often a place to air gripes and vunerabilities

2006-01-23 21:26:58 ET

huzzah!! you are now part of the most awesome community...ummm...ever.

2006-01-23 21:36:14 ET

welcome to sk

2006-01-23 21:56:48 ET

hey there and welcome :)

2006-01-23 22:35:14 ET

more elite than teh myspace


2006-01-24 00:06:50 ET



2006-01-24 00:17:53 ET

Velcome, velcome.

2006-01-24 01:40:47 ET

Welcome to SK.

2006-01-24 03:33:38 ET

yo welcome to the sk dude

2006-01-24 04:02:54 ET

Welcome to SK.

2006-01-24 04:32:03 ET

Hey want some candy?

Get in the van. >:O

2006-01-24 07:10:04 ET

*Comes Roaring up in a Black and Red A-Team Style Van while Blaring Metallica's Master of Puppets*

2006-01-24 11:42:32 ET

helllo. welcome to sk.

2006-01-24 14:44:49 ET

Neato, welcome to SK!

2006-01-24 19:17:58 ET

holy crapface! new blood!
welcome to your new addiction. It's like crack, but um, less bad for you

2006-01-24 19:21:39 ET

If by less bad for you, you mean you sit in front of your computer refreshing your sk page for hours waiting for comments/pms/new entries-instead of having the mean shakes and dry lips.


2006-01-24 20:24:26 ET

welcome to not my-space.

2006-01-25 05:31:44 ET

Welcome to SK ...

avoid vans at all costs ... avoid the sexually tainted candy (unless you like that kind of thing) ... and don't feed the inmates.

2006-01-28 21:41:53 ET

im late to welcome, but fuck myspace and welcome to sk.

2006-01-31 14:16:33 ET

im so sorry, but who are you?! apparently you know me

2006-01-31 17:51:50 ET

i was just sayin welcome, geez.

2006-01-31 18:09:54 ET

what? no i was talking to NOimTHEluckyONE. sorry

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