i wrote this...
2006-03-12 01:28:32 ET

Im sitting
In darkness
And im lonely.
I want to get sucked in
And I could swear it just called me

And im cold
And im scared
And it said it will protect me.
I want to get sucked in
But they’ll say I am crazy

And my mother-she'd cry
And my dad-he would mourn
And my brothers and sisters –
They would be all alone

And im crying
Im mourning
Im feeling so cold
darkness is here
its keeping me warm

Im sitting
Im smoking
Im cutting myself
And I know they can hear me
Unless they are deaf

I was bleeding
Stopped breathing
On a Saturday night
I was cut all to shreds
But could not find the light

And my mother-she cried
And my dad-he did mourn
and my brothers and sisters-
I left them alone

I haven’t stopped crying
Or mourning at all
darkness had lied
It stopped keeping me warm.

2006-03-12 05:45:37 ET

Welcome to SK.

2006-03-12 06:05:15 ET


2006-03-14 03:14:16 ET

welcome =)

2006-03-19 09:42:20 ET

Welcome to Bedlam! Enjoyed the piece...

2006-03-19 16:59:21 ET

Welcome dear. Your poetry is pretty good. Keep it up!

2006-03-21 09:21:08 ET

Im late.. as usual... but WELCOME! :D

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