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Natasha isnt my real name...
im 18 years old from israel...
this is my "therapy page"...
it doesnt make sense so dont even try to understand it...

 two years have passed    2009-03-31 12:43:37 ET
the sun is shining
but id enjoy the coldest wind
i think i did something right

 war    2007-09-27 16:15:11 ET
anxiety is back
im falling apart
the army is breaking me down
ive been crying all night

the uniform are sweaty
my hands are bloody
theres a war threatning to begin
and im terrified...

 bpd    2007-06-29 05:41:33 ET
my life.
is no life.

my nights,
are no nights

my ways.
are no ways

and i,
im counting my days...

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 invisible shades    2007-01-02 23:20:34 ET
my throat aches
my hands shake

my smile fades
and i wear invisible shades

and the sun shines
between my lines

 voices    2006-12-07 03:58:20 ET
im not alone
i keep telling myself
and so do the voices
inside my
sick head.

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