u leave me - i leave u...    2006-08-08 02:23:12 ET
you left me
with the knife
in my hands

you cut
i cut
thats how it ends.

borderline personality disorder.

 away    2006-08-06 00:23:11 ET
morning has come
a whole new day
i take off my blanket
and i go on my way

the sky is blue as usual
and the clouds are smoke dark gray
now how could you all say you miss me
if not one of you even asked me to stay?
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 just thoughts    2006-08-05 10:29:59 ET
when you are hurting yourself
im also hurt
but when im hurting my self
i think you are not.

 missed me?    2006-08-04 00:01:24 ET
"your love,
it died"
she said
and cried

 my love...    2006-06-07 23:59:33 ET
take me
im yours
your blessing
your curse
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