dark    2006-09-19 06:46:47 ET
im lost
in the dark
cannot reach my soul
it is tearing me apart
it used to make me

 great expectations    2006-08-25 09:42:48 ET
i want to help her
but i cant
i also want another job
and also want to pay the rent.

 my bf went with my friend.    2006-08-18 23:59:54 ET
i threw hes promise
to an endless sea
i cant get what he finds in her
that he could not find in me

 my heart    2006-08-17 06:50:09 ET
a knife
is tearing up my heart
into two
it could only be
if ive been here
with you

 wtf?!    2006-08-11 04:31:50 ET
rumors are nasty...
people are nasty...
everything is nasty.
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