goodbye cutting.    2006-03-16 09:27:06 ET
im letting you in
under my skin
of u i cannot get rid
i just sit here and bleed

sharp objects i throw
i throw in a row
i throw and i know
that i can be happy without it.
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 another one...    2006-03-12 01:46:52 ET
Im feeling so small
I lay down and crawl
They don’t hear me call
They cant see me fall

Im bleeding to death
I chose a new path
My friends think its fun
They tell me : "don’t run"

So im taking a rope
Im trying to cope
Why is it never ok
To do things my way?

And im pulling it tighter
Im starting to fade
You can guess what has happened
Cause after all im not dead.

 i wrote this...    2006-03-12 01:28:32 ET
Im sitting
In darkness
And im lonely.
I want to get sucked in
And I could swear it just called me

And im cold
And im scared
And it said it will protect me.
I want to get sucked in
But they’ll say I am crazy

And my mother-she'd cry
And my dad-he would mourn
And my brothers and sisters –
They would be all alone

And im crying
Im mourning
Im feeling so cold
darkness is here
its keeping me warm

Im sitting
Im smoking
Im cutting myself
And I know they can hear me
Unless they are deaf

I was bleeding
Stopped breathing
On a Saturday night
I was cut all to shreds
But could not find the light

And my mother-she cried
And my dad-he did mourn
and my brothers and sisters-
I left them alone

I haven’t stopped crying
Or mourning at all
darkness had lied
It stopped keeping me warm.

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