another one...
2006-03-12 01:46:52 ET

Im feeling so small
I lay down and crawl
They donít hear me call
They cant see me fall

Im bleeding to death
I chose a new path
My friends think its fun
They tell me : "donít run"

So im taking a rope
Im trying to cope
Why is it never ok
To do things my way?

And im pulling it tighter
Im starting to fade
You can guess what has happened
Cause after all im not dead.

2006-03-13 06:34:39 ET


2006-03-19 09:46:54 ET

Don't feel bad... as the saying goes "We're all Mad, here!"

2006-03-19 17:00:48 ET

The tone of your poetry is really something. I like it.

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