i own the world.    2006-03-30 06:44:27 ET
the world is my ivnention
you are all my own creation
i can build and destroy with my imagination
and yes, it means i even invented the playstation.

 hangover :(    2006-03-29 14:01:04 ET
every good thing-
has an end
every great man-
will wind up covered with sand.
that is something that i cant understand
the fact that tommorow-
theres a chance id be dead.

 drunk!    2006-03-29 10:06:00 ET
its bed time
im drunk
im listening to five's
"slam dunk the funk"
reminds me of sixth grade
and the fact that i really need to get laid.

 killing time    2006-03-29 04:21:21 ET
i tried to draw in yellow, pink, green and red
it came out nice
but somethings dead

i used the blue, the purple and all the colors i had
it came out extremely colorful
but why am i still sad?
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 my love    2006-03-28 15:36:23 ET
i love him,
like mad,
but sometimes,
i get sad
for the times that he lied
and the times that he tried.

i love him,
so bad,
and sometimes i get
although he lied
i would
cry if he died.

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