mood    2006-03-28 15:24:30 ET
wounded and bruised
lost and confused
advantaged and used
but im happy.
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 i swear i want to.    2006-03-27 04:37:49 ET
I want to save the unsaved
I want to liberate the enslaved
The only problem
Is that I cant

Cannot raise the dead
Can never completely calm the scared
All the things I want to do
I realize I cant
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 bpd...    2006-03-23 10:31:59 ET
Borderline Personality Disorder...

 xray    2006-03-21 14:47:26 ET
clear blue skys
reflect in my eyes
can see through my lies
and ignore my disguise.

 crying    2006-03-20 18:29:35 ET
you told me to cut it out
so thats what i did.

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