my love
2006-03-28 15:36:23 ET

i love him,
like mad,
but sometimes,
i get sad
for the times that he lied
and the times that he tried.

i love him,
so bad,
and sometimes i get
although he lied
i would
cry if he died.

2006-03-28 15:49:18 ET

some poeple will eat thier other foot when the try to fix something, but it is so much better than the person that dose nothing.

2006-03-29 01:16:49 ET

i love your poetry

2006-03-29 10:17:01 ET

Voice: That is a sentiment that I can understand.

Natasha: I also enjoy your poetry very much!

2006-03-29 10:17:01 ET

Natasha: I really like this poem because I can really relate to it. Well done.

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