the woman in red    2006-10-23 05:37:56 ET
10 days im in bed
10 days i am sad
10 days im half dead
10 days im the woman in red.

 today    2006-10-17 06:55:09 ET
it was bright
and the sun was burning
it was burning me
and everything around me.

 for the creep whose face i cant remember    2006-10-15 04:47:07 ET
i dream of you
every night

i can feel your touch
its burning my skin

i remember the smell of your breath
im poisoned by it

your voice i remember
its loud, and its clear

but what i remember the most
is the smell of your beer.

and your still walking around free.
i wish you were dead.

 it was gray    2006-10-15 03:04:50 ET
it was gray
and the rain
was dripping on my face

it was gray
and the rain
reminded me of better days

i felt like a little girl again

 powerless    2006-10-12 04:34:32 ET
your too far away
and i hate it
your too far away
and you like it.

i wish i could die.

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