2006-04-02 03:44:17 ET

we broke up
i woke up
i understood i cant love you
if you cannot love me back.

2006-04-02 04:05:31 ET

Sorry! Can I stalk youuuuu now :( :) <3

2006-04-02 04:29:11 ET

Hehe, guys suck anyways! =)!!!

2006-04-02 07:29:25 ET

allusion's illusions
my flesh, my money my age
you have never sought me
would never disengage

2006-04-02 09:40:19 ET

you should eat chocolate
since it's so tasty
i dont like it with nuts
send me some sunflower seeds

2006-04-02 12:03:42 ET

Weren't you all madly in love with him? Or is that some other chic?

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