2006-04-09 03:20:11 ET

just dont
just dont tell me youve been there
cuz you have not.

2006-04-09 08:58:55 ET

Those damned lying liars! When will they learn, when?!

2006-04-09 10:04:21 ET

It's a vicious cycle
self perpetuating

2006-04-09 13:32:16 ET

Sometimes I think I can smell it when someone's lying. It disgusts me. Then I wonder if the person could even stop lying if they had to.

The erratic tone
The edgy body movement
Constant loops in their logic and speech
Stories that are too perfect... are the easiest ones to verify.

I better stop.

2006-04-09 21:37:34 ET

The need for affirmation

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