suicide attempt
2006-06-07 00:42:43 ET

why cant i do nothing right...

2006-06-07 02:52:33 ET

like what?

2006-06-07 02:52:43 ET

like what?

2006-06-07 03:21:27 ET

Suicide is a pussy way out. You're 17.. shit will get better, stick with it.Just watch

2006-06-07 07:24:36 ET

Because you don't actually want to die. you know deep down that things will get better and that you want to be here.

way to be sensitive Will

side note: I love your avatar Natasha

2006-06-07 07:36:30 ET

I'm just a straight shooter ss... And i was sensitive on the last part, which i truly meant. Maybe deep down she'll think, damn you know that would be weak.. escaping my problems by doing that instead of fighting and becoming a stronger better person. So in that regard maybe, but i can see your point.

Still things will get better =)

2006-06-07 11:41:18 ET

It's time like these when
spite suiside surfaces
quit worshipping life

2006-06-08 05:56:10 ET

look, i've tried my share of times and obviously never went through with it until once when i ended up in the emergency room and was too close.
you do not want to die, everything will get better you just have to be strong and hold on.

2006-07-10 16:08:27 ET

As bad as things may ever get , death is never the answer . I think almost every one has been there and thought this will just make every thing easier on every one. But you have to think of the way it will make those around you feel too , suicide is selfish. I learned this the hard way. One time i learned it when I woke up in a hospital bed with my mother gripping my hand and crying hysterically about how she did not want to lose her baby girl . Then i had a friend take his life when i was HS . All i remember thinking was why , why would he do this to us ??? I've seen my share of bad times and i know that for the rest of my life bad things are going to happen , but you have to keep in mind that good things happen too. we all have to experience hardship in order to appreciate all the good times and make yourself stronger . you learn from these things and its how you make it in life after you grow up and are on your own. 17 is young and youhave so much ahead of you . be strong , stay strong , live long and show the world how great you are .

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