2003-05-02 09:35:00 ET

This is my first post. I am just announcing my presence here on SK. Iím not sure what to post in this first post, from now on I think I will just use this like I do my online journal, Iím currently going to Lake Tahoe Community College, and I am going to be moving to Portland this summer with my friend Alice I am planning on majoring in mathematics. Iím currently in differential equations which is the end of the second year calculus series. I also like taking photos of friends at parties and when ever else something funny happens. You can see a ton of pictures in my pictures section of my website thatís also where you can find out more about me. I have been working on my site for probably over 5 years now, although I only have my site changes saved to about two years ago. It has improved and changed over the years as I have grown both as a person and in my html/php/other skillz.

2003-05-02 09:37:32 ET

Ah, so you found the bbc instructions. :)
Welcome to SK, it's like crack, including all forms of addictions, withdrawls, but happily, not the illegalities. Enjoy your stay, Nitric.

2003-05-02 09:42:58 ET

Bill's here : )

2003-05-02 10:00:43 ET

welcome to the sk family.

2003-05-02 10:11:42 ET

welcome :)

2003-05-02 10:48:19 ET

welcome. :)

2003-05-02 10:52:43 ET

int. of 1/x = lnx hurrah!

2003-05-02 11:26:46 ET

welcome to sk =]

2003-05-02 11:35:23 ET


2003-05-02 12:11:05 ET

thank you all for your welcomes.


2003-05-02 13:29:10 ET

Bonjour! Welcome to SubK's house of happiness.

2003-05-02 14:32:06 ET

Welcome to SK! ^_^

2003-05-02 15:56:28 ET


2003-05-02 20:01:29 ET


2003-05-02 20:20:13 ET

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Hope you have fun ^.^

2003-05-02 21:29:22 ET

hello! :)

2003-05-03 21:53:01 ET

welcome welcome...enjoy your stay, and yeah...word

2003-05-04 09:33:20 ET


2003-05-06 23:57:28 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

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