Confusing threats
2007-01-19 12:45:21 ET

I work in a book store. It's located in a mall, one floor below a movie theater. On occasion, we help out our upstairs neighbor a little by hanging a movie poster or two in the window. Remember this, as it will soon become important.
Today this walking corpse of an old man wanders up to the customer service desk, where I was not working but was within earshot. He asks the guy there, in a stereotypically hoarse old man whisper, "Do you have that movie 'The Nativity Story?'"
The info guy responds that we don't, as it's not out on DVD yet.
The old man gets that challenging edge to his voice. "You have the poster in the window." The poster in question is about two months old. Actually it has broken free of its moorings and is now wedged between the window and the wooden display case at roughly a 45 degree angle.
"That's actually for the theater upstairs," Info Guy replies. "It's showing in the theater."
"It says 'Borders' in the window," he growls back, as though, with enough effort, he can lawyer the theoretical DVD into being.
Info Guy shrugs, apologizes, and restates that it's not out on DVD yet.
"I'm gonna call the ACLU!" the old man shouts and storms out of the store.

I didn't realize the American Civil Liberties Union handled complaints of DVD availability. I better ask them why Eek! the Cat isn't out yet.

2007-01-19 12:49:05 ET

hahaha i work at the service desk at target and i get threatened almost daily. it's pretty funny after awhile, but it amazes me how crazy people are.

2007-01-19 13:57:41 ET

i do not miss working retail at all ;-P

welcome to sk, by the way. you'll find its like crack except arguably healthier.

2007-01-19 16:59:43 ET

Only an uncivilized world would prohibit the opportunity to purchase EEK! The Cat.

2007-01-20 00:29:02 ET

reminds me of the glory days of working at blockbuster...btw your picture is great, strong bad forever!

2007-01-20 02:03:22 ET

now that your pic is up you look *really* i know you? do you live in orange county? do you know ian? ;-P

2007-01-20 05:33:23 ET

psh old people.

2007-01-20 08:33:11 ET

No, I'm not in Orange County, but I do know Ian. You wouldn't happen to be Lars, would you?

2007-01-20 13:51:03 ET

yeah i couldnt remember where you lived...we just always tend to hangout in orange county. i am lars (:

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