2007-02-17 15:44:00 ET

I assure you all I'm still alive. Busy even. Yet nothing seems worth commenting on.

2007-02-17 16:33:26 ET

and so is life

2007-02-17 18:13:58 ET

When nothing seems worth commenting on, it's time to MAKE UP things. ;)

2007-02-18 01:19:18 ET

yes, make up things involving buttplugs!

2007-02-18 11:49:56 ET

or how you swan dived off a 1,000 foot cliff but survived because something exploded behind you.

2007-02-18 18:01:58 ET

Dear Subkultures:
Today I took a tour of the buttplug factory. It was fun and informative, right up until the buttplug golem mauled my best friend. I don't think I'll be going back.

Also, the buttplug golem exploded, so I survived the inevitable 1000 foot swan dive off the nearest cliff.

2007-02-18 22:01:26 ET

thats awesome!

2007-02-18 22:07:02 ET


check yer text messages.

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