2007-03-02 20:02:49 ET

Today I made an honest attempt to eat my tongue. It was gnawing away at a burrito when my tongue went where I thought a piece of meat was. I suppose I could say I bit it, but that implies the possibility of restraint. I attacked it with the enthusiasm appropriate for a hungry man to unleash on a burrito. So yeah, it hurts like hell now. Ouch.

Also, the only good video store in the area is gone. Granted, I Netflix most of my movies these days, but that was a brick and mortar store that I did my best to support, and it was better than anything outside of Santa Monica. I admit I actually shriekd when I saw the empty, fence-enclosed pit where my beloved video place was. I also considered buying a bouquet of roses and laying them where its doorstep was. (You think I'm kidding.) I lost my Rock & Rule virginity to this place! This place introduced me to The Abominable Dr. Phibes! This was the only place I know that carried the entirety of the Something Weird video catalogue! And it's just gone!?

There is no justice in this world. Seriously.

2007-03-02 20:23:42 ET

so today bit it.

sorry about your loss. see you tomorrow/today

2007-03-02 21:38:28 ET

My condolences sir.

2007-03-03 03:23:32 ET

shoot the world in the face

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