Doomsday (2008)
2008-03-26 16:34:26 ET

Iíve read several reviews of this movie, mostly negative. They say itís loud and dumb. They say itís hopelessly derivative, and that itís needlessly violent, and is a mess both in content and editing. I canít say that any of these arguments are wrong, but they are entirely missing the point.

Apparently a horrible plague breaks out in Scotland next month. England responds by walling off the whole area by land and sea to let disease and victims both die out. So sometime in the 2030ís, Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra), a British drug enforcement agent and one of the last people to escape from Scotland before the quarantine is sent back in. Seems the disease has appeared again in London, and evidence exists that there are survivors in Scotland. She must find these survivors and figure out if there is a cure. Along the way she encounters a cannibalistic gang of motorcycle savages and a medieval kingdom ruled by a former doctor (Malcolm McDowell),

First off, this movie shamelessly plagiarizes from just about everything. Seriously, just name five movies at random, and I can almost guarantee youíll see something from each of them in here. That said, it manages to synthesize them into something new, or at least different enough to be interesting. Yes, youíve seen it all before, but not exactly the same way.

This is one of the best movies Iíve seen in reason times to just turn off your brain and enjoy. Itís fun, itís loud and violent, and itís full of karo syrup blood. Thereís also a rather surprising appearance by Bob Hoskins, who has one of the most inconsistent filmographies I know of, but I like to think he was having fun here.

I could probably say more, but thereís not much point. Either youíre into this kind of thing or youíre not. Itís not Shakespeare, but itís fun.

Also Lee-Anne Liebenbergís Viper is the hottest thing ever, and she needs to be in all movies from here on out.

2008-03-26 16:52:10 ET

Ha ha, Bob Hoskins...I was watching Doomsday, he came on, and I was like "It's SMEE!"

This movie is fantastic because it doesn't try at all. It is every "Oh noes, a plague has killed society and now cannibalistic street punx are staging death-orgies!" movie ever made. I was happy watching it, and I don't give a damn what any "I'm to smart to be entertained this easily" reject knows it.

2008-03-26 20:08:57 ET

thank you, Oh, & "BUNNY"

2008-03-27 06:39:16 ET

lol that was the sad part of the movie

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