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2008-04-11 11:52:19 ET

Bedtime Stories by Thom Yorke
(by David Hart)

"The Happy Little Bunny"
Once there was a little bunny who had a furry little tail and a little shiny nose. But the electrodeath cloud of commerce strangled it and its foxhole was converted to a parking lot, a parking lot, a parking lot. Ample parking asphalted over bunny bones. Everyone everyone everyone get in.

"Hannah and Gunther"
Hannah and her brother Gunther lived in a happy wooden house at the end of a winding road by the forest. Chomping tree-eating machines grinding, halting, grinding the forest destroyed the trees -- bitches branches Branford -- to make end tables and politician luncheon plates, spin spin spin. I can't feel my legs anymore.

"Whoopsie the Clumsy Dragon"
In the dragon family in the enchanted cave, there lived Mother, Father, Brother, and Whoopsie. Whoopsie tried to be like the other dragons, but anytime he tried to help he ended up making a mess. Diplomats destroy the ozone and waiting, wailing. Crawl in the hole, leap the banshee, and eat the sunlight. Tonight, tomorrow, why bother? Another. Another. I'm a grown monkey wastechain.

"Everybody Enjoy Manners!"
When we eat, it's fun to have our manners with us! Wear your napking on your lap and don't hit your sister, even if she throws peas at you. Reason your reasons, razor shave the planet clean. Blood fills the rivers, clogs the tubes. I want to die, eat your ice cream.

2008-04-11 15:53:07 ET

this is awesome, where did it come from?

2008-05-13 20:09:02 ET

ha...awesome indeed

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