blehh    2011-01-06 15:04:43 ET
I have felt crappy for the past 2 days. Stayed home from work yesterday. I went into work today. I got everything i needed to get done, but ughh..i should have stayed home.. *frown*

 TRON: LEGACY    2010-12-20 16:36:31 ET
Just came back from seeing it. Was worth every penny.
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 Updated my website.    2010-12-14 19:36:10 ET
Updated my Ice Moon Graphics website. The site needed it. It also needs a redesign. I will try and get that done sometime soon. Thinking of going back to the side menu, more graphical layout, and doing away with alot of the older stuff on it.
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 new stuff:    2010-12-13 20:51:58 ET
got the stitches removed from my finger today. healed very nicely. lots of neosporin and medical silver paste boosted its healing rate nicely. finished and sent the vogue a poster for their NYE celebration. Also finished a bunch of web page headers for gargoyles statuary's website.


     2010-12-04 20:14:04 ET
Sliced my finger to the bone at work today. Got stitches and tetanus shot, and it hurts. ):

i was removing a Microsoft employee sticker off a copy of windows vista to get ready to put on goodwill's website, and the knife slipped, and sliced my finger open.

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