Be here New Years Eve    2009-12-10 21:13:00 ET

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 All kinds of fun.    2009-12-07 21:29:42 ET
Working on an album cover & a web page for a friend of mine. Been a busy couple of weeks overall.

 Updated.    2009-11-22 21:18:24 ET
I updated my email scams blog. Check it out at Email Scams. :)

Other than that, nothing of importance happened for me today.
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 Vogue Birthday Party & Gargoyles coupon!!    2009-11-16 20:59:47 ET
Finished a poster a few days back for the Vogue. A birthday party with much debauchery promised. You must attend if you can. :)Not much new with me. Its cold in Seattle and raining now. ):

I also did an online coupon for Gargoyles Statuary. Print it out, and go there and buy stuff!!!!


 New poster for the Vogue.    2009-11-04 21:15:42 ET
Finished a new poster for the Vogue. Alittle late for Halloween, but so what?

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