Relaxing.    2009-11-04 20:50:49 ET
Relaxing at Sureshot with some tea after a long day at work.
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 This is really funny.    2009-11-01 19:33:25 ET
in the google search page, type "google chuck norris" then click the "im feeling lucky" button.

this is the end result:

That just made my day.

 happy halloween.    2009-10-31 21:49:36 ET

 Sitting..    2009-10-28 20:02:22 ET
At Sureshot, contemplating a new poster for the Vogue, I also have a 10 hour work shift coming up tomorrow. 12:30 - 10:30pm tomorrow. I am going to be getting some fantastic overtime. (:

Sent Roxy the latest poster I designed for Vogue's "Vicous Dolls" night. She loved it.

Hope all is well with all of you.
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 updatedness because its awesome.    2009-10-21 21:10:32 ET
Went out to "Vicious Dolls" last night. It was alot of fun. Crowd was't very big but it wasn't really small either. Had a grand old time. :)

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