New Vogue Poster.    2009-08-16 22:02:32 ET

New poster I did for the Vogue.

 Hooray for Capialism.    2009-08-09 15:17:16 ET
Work at Gargoyles today was exeptionally busy. Had alot of people come in, and had alot of people buy very expensive statuary. Made for a profitable day. Hooray for capitalism!!!

Right now I am sitting at Sureshot, awaiting a freind.

Go me.


 Memo's with Lars II    2009-08-03 22:54:27 ET
same as last night, but 24 hours in the future!!!!!

also this...

New poster I designed for general Vogue Night advertising.

(c) 2009 Ice Moon Graphics.

 Memo's @ 11:33pm    2009-08-02 21:38:06 ET
Sitting in Memo's mexican resturaunt with Lars in the U. District. His laptop is hating him. memo's is one of the only 24 hour places in the U. District.

Its. awesome.


 I am 29    2009-07-31 07:54:41 ET
I turned 29 yesterday...

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