Presenting My day.    2009-07-06 19:41:05 ET
Took a picture of quite possibly the cheapest EXIT sign I have ever seen. The sign's cheapness astounded me. Whatever works I guess.

Sitting at Sureshot once again, watching Sureshot's offical game night. 35 people or so playing Poker, Magic: The Gathering, and LIFE. What awesomeness. Two weeks ago it was all Magic the Gathering. What Happened?

 Vouge Night July 4 2009    2009-07-05 20:57:00 ET
I went to the Vogue for July 4. It was fun. (: Here is a crappy low-res cell phone picture of it.

 Ice Moon    2009-06-30 23:39:16 ET
New picture I made for a moon series of pictures I am working on. Going to be a series of Pagan full moons. (:

Picture by Ice Moon Graphics

 sad..    2009-06-30 20:53:19 ET
Feeling hopeless and depressed. I'll pull through though. Today just has not been that well for me.
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 Ride the Duck    2009-06-27 21:07:35 ET
On my lunch at work today, I wandered around for a bit, wondering what I would see on my awesome half hour lunch break. Well, opportunity showed itself towards the end of my lunch break.

Here is a pic of the infamous "Duck Tours" that Seattle offers to unsuspecting Tourists. Quite possibly the ugliest tour boats in the existence of the world. Complete with awful music and everything.(The boats are refurbished WWII amphibious vehicles.) Nothing brands you a tourist more than riding the Duck.

On my way back to work, there was this punky skater kid right by me, and he had a kitten in his backpack, up against a skateboard. I snapped a pic of the kitten as it moved around. It was awesome.

Kittens and Skateboards..RAWRRR!!!!!

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