hmm..    2009-06-25 22:42:04 ET
what comes after this?

 Car Wreck or something...    2009-06-23 22:07:51 ET
Walking home from Sureshot tonight, I saw a bunch of flashing lights further up university avenue. Looking that way, I saw a bunch of cop cars, fire trucks, and ambulances all flashing and whatnot up there. Walking up as far as I could, I snapped a few pictures of all the commotion. Walking alittle further up, Someone told me that nobody could cross. Looking further ahead revealved that they had a bunch of yellow tape around the area, and I heard the clatter of debris being moved. Anyway, here are the crappy, low-res phone pictures I took of what I saw. I hope the news has something on what was going on there tomorrow.

 Pineapple Bookends?    2009-06-23 20:55:24 ET
Yep, thats what I saw working at Goodwill today. either pineapple bookends or the tops of Thistles.

See for yourself. You be the Judge.
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 Huddled at Sureshot.    2009-06-22 21:31:51 ET
I'm sitting here at Sureshot watching a group of people play some game in some weird ,almost fanatical fury. Im sitting in the corner, at the super cool Tetris game Table (Yes it really is a functional Tetris video game system.)

Here they are, getting really, really exited over it. (REALLY bad resolution, my phone's camera is TERRIBLE.)


 Web page Fun.    2009-06-20 23:27:40 ET
Finished editing the "Vogue Graphic Artist" section of for Vogue Night. I think it turned out great. I am pleased.

Vogue Graphic Artist.

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