Its warm outside tonight.    2009-05-30 21:04:46 ET
It is, very much so. I enjoy it, but I also hate it because work does not have air conditioning, so today at work sucked. At least we had fans everywhere, so it wasn't terrible...
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 Work, and Poster fun!!    2009-05-28 20:57:40 ET
Finished this Poster for Vogue's costume party on June 13 last night. I sent it to them and they loved it. Work went well today as well. I feel good.

Poster by Ice Moon Graphics

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 Loving It...    2009-05-25 13:51:32 ET
My day off....Its chock full of awesome. (:

 I actually have this...    2009-05-19 21:33:41 ET
A blog featuring email money scams I have gotten in my inbox. Go to it, you know you want to.

I think I just hit a new Phase of Geekdom...
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 Side of Jesus with ur Burger.    2009-05-18 20:53:16 ET
I went to Jack in the Box last night, and to my surprise, the place was piping in Christian rock through their radio system., it was very unexpected.

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