Wouldn't it be nice...    2009-05-07 20:39:41 ET
If the average customer actually READ signs in a store? and didn't have to ask you stupid questions, and didn't drop things and make a mess? Actually picked up after themselves, and acted like they had an IQ at least over 70?

I swear, Seattle has to have some of the dumbest smart people on the planet.

 Just Added    2009-05-06 23:04:14 ET
Every Poster / Flyer I have made I just put into an Album on my Myspace page.
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 Tonight, I saw..    2009-05-05 20:34:35 ET
I saw a woman jaywalk across the street, and after she crossed, a police car prompty drove up and stopped her. I have never seen anyone get stopped by a cop for jaywalking. The cop must have been really bored.

 Today was a good day.    2009-05-03 16:30:19 ET
Work at Gargoyles today went well. I finished a flyer for Gargoyles to be used during the Seattle Crypticon as well. Check it out.

Check out Ice Moon Graphics to see more of what I have designed.
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 Its raining outside.    2009-04-28 20:35:32 ET
Well, it was anyways. I love the smell of the city after a good rain. Nothing else like it. (: Today was a good day.
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