Huzzah...    2009-04-15 20:48:58 ET
I found $16.00 outside on the sidewalk today. Made me happy.

 Gargoyles Coupon.    2009-04-12 20:50:49 ET

Thats right, print this out and use it.

 Headspace.    2009-04-06 21:16:24 ET
That is what I am in right now, and an interesting one at that. I did not have to work today, wich for me now is a rarity. I am going to be designing a new coupon/flyer for Gargoyles sometimes soon, for some Horrorcon that is coming up in June. I have a couple months to design it, so I am not worried.

I have much to contemplate in the next few months.

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 New Flyer for Gargoyles    2009-04-02 12:01:59 ET

Completed a new flyer for Gargoyles. It will be used as a business card as well in the future. *Is pleased to be working at such a cool place*

flyer designed by Ice Moon Graphics

 I wonder...    2009-03-26 19:58:58 ET
What kind of person do you have to be in order to donate USED TOOTHBRUSHES to Goodwill?? You disgusting, uncaring degenerate, please keep your used toothbrushes at home where they belong.

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