Handbill for Gargoyles Statuary    2009-03-19 20:08:24 ET

If you are ever in Seattle, by all means, check out Gargoyles Statuary. It is quite possibly one of the coolest stores ever. period.

Check them out at gargoylestatuary.com.

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 First day.    2009-03-15 20:12:38 ET
First day at Gargoyles was Saturday. It went really well. I am looking forward to working there.

 I got it.    2009-03-12 20:04:50 ET
I got the job at Gargoyle's I posted about earlier. I train saturday for it. :) *Is very happy about that.*

I am super.

 Be Here Next Saturday!!!    2009-03-08 19:01:42 ET

Its going to be awesome.

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 Hope it Goes well.    2009-03-08 14:48:04 ET
I have an interview tomorrow at Gargoyles Statuary. It is for a part time postion selling stuff and doing other retail stuff. It will complement Goodwill nicely, since Goodwill seems to be against anyone getting full time.

Four nights ago when I was at work, the woman who owns Gargoyles came in and asked me what my hours at Goodwill were, then proceeded to ask me if I would like to work at Gargoyles. I am happy.

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