Could have, but chose not too.    2009-02-15 21:26:15 ET
I did not go to work today. I could have gone in, but I have had this stinking head cold for going on 5 days. For three of those days I went into work, and I was miserable for each of those days, with each one being worse than the last. I had a day off on Saturday, which was nice, but then I had to go in today. I planned on going in, but when I got up, I felt awful, and decided to not go in. I should have though, since I need the money, and there really aren't that many places hiring right now. Oh well, I have to go in tomorrow anyways. There is a huge sale tomorrow, and I am very much needed. It has been raining all day, with the promise of more to come.

 Be here tonight.    2009-02-14 18:34:08 ET

Ice Moon Graphics

 who here on Sk lives in Seattle?    2009-02-06 22:55:12 ET
I would love to meet some new people here.
It would be awesome.


 Dark Future 2.0    2009-02-05 14:54:54 ET
Here is a redone, much better looking version of a picture I created back when I lived in Missoula. Titled "Dark Future", the picture represents the birth of a Dark Age in the aftermath of some Apocalyptic conflict.

Picture (c) 2009 Ice Moon Graphics
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 Goals for 2009..    2009-02-05 00:13:45 ET
1. Take the COMPTIA A+ Examination and pass it.
2. Get a better job...(preferrably in the IT field.)

Those are my two major goals for this year. wish me luck on them. I am going to need it.

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