I need to..    2009-01-31 21:28:16 ET
change this crappy situation. working on it slowly but surely. just hope i can succeed.
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 Apathetic and Depressed.    2009-01-27 20:57:30 ET
That is how I feel right now. I just don't care. I could fill a book with reasons of why I feel this way, but there is no point to that. I doubt anybody will read this entry anyways. >:(

 Last Night & Tonight    2009-01-24 21:13:04 ET
I completely redesigned my Ice Moon Graphics website. I re-did the way it looks, the use interface, the site menu and I removed 3 of the pages. The website really needed a redesign, it was looking rather dated. Go check it out and see for yourself.

What else did I do? Well, I bought this really creepy doll that laughs and speaks like Gage off of Pet Sematary, It was supposed to be a Valentine's day doll, but whoever designed the doll aparently is and will always be single. Its that creepy. Vicki got a real kick out of the doll, she was with me when I bought it. I will post more about the doll some other time.

 Today , I    2009-01-15 21:45:58 ET
updated my Ice Moon Graphics web site. I finally added the two recent posters I designed in the posters page of the site. Should have done is earlier I suppose, but what the hell?

Go me.

 New Flyer for Vavoom for the new year    2009-01-14 21:07:50 ET
Took a few days to finish it, but I think it turned out good. *Pats myself on the head*

Poster designed by Ice Moon Graphics

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