Last Night & Tonight
2009-01-24 21:13:04 ET

I completely redesigned my Ice Moon Graphics website. I re-did the way it looks, the use interface, the site menu and I removed 3 of the pages. The website really needed a redesign, it was looking rather dated. Go check it out and see for yourself.

What else did I do? Well, I bought this really creepy doll that laughs and speaks like Gage off of Pet Sematary, It was supposed to be a Valentine's day doll, but whoever designed the doll aparently is and will always be single. Its that creepy. Vicki got a real kick out of the doll, she was with me when I bought it. I will post more about the doll some other time.

2009-01-24 21:49:04 ET

make it a pineapple hat, and it'll be even more creepy.

2009-01-24 23:27:58 ET

That would be downright scary.

2009-01-25 00:11:25 ET

you know you want it.

2009-01-25 00:13:52 ET

And How!!

2009-01-25 00:33:28 ET

i could rig a model car engine to make the doll vibrate on command, even.

2009-01-26 17:46:48 ET

i dig the navigation. but it does need moar pineapple.

2009-01-26 17:57:44 ET

It does, but Pineapple is kinda hard to implement in HTML and CSS.

2009-01-26 18:03:37 ET


2009-01-26 19:10:37 ET

i concur. moar pineapple pl0x.

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