I updated    2009-01-09 14:27:24 ET
My Myspace page. Its cooler than ever. Plus it really needed it. Check it out Here

 Its Snowing Again...    2009-01-04 20:24:18 ET
I can't believe it. It started around 5:30PM and it has not yet subsided. So far we have over two inches of snow here in Seattle, with the promise of more to come. What is the world coming to?

It is 10:20PM, and I am sitting at Sureshot yet again with an awesome window seat to all the snowy carnage. I would post pictures of it all (and I will have some soon), but I forgot to bring my camera, so no pictures tonight.

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 New Year, New Vogue Poster    2009-01-03 21:52:37 ET

New Vogue Night poster I designed for the new year.

Ice Moon Graphics

 T- Minus seven seconds...    2009-01-02 21:13:32 ET
Happy New Year.

Same old, Same old. Only thing that changes is the year. Either that or I just don't see the new year shine that everything is supposed to have. I choose the first statement.

That is my demotivational saying for the day. Just remember, It will take you approximently 7 seconds to read this entire posting. That is seven seconds off your life. Count'em....SEVEN.

Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha...

 Christmas Dinner    2008-12-25 18:34:04 ET
Vicki and I went to China First!! for Christmas. It is one of the only resturaunts open in the U.District on Christmas. We had sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, chow mein, and egg drop soup. We also had tea to drink as well as water. It was good. =)

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