Christmas Dinner
2008-12-25 18:34:04 ET

Vicki and I went to China First!! for Christmas. It is one of the only resturaunts open in the U.District on Christmas. We had sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, chow mein, and egg drop soup. We also had tea to drink as well as water. It was good. =)

2008-12-25 18:39:18 ET

chinese food actually sounds appetizing.

2008-12-25 18:42:58 ET

It was very appetizing. The Jasmine tea they served was good as well.

2008-12-25 18:44:17 ET

mmm.. jasmine tea. only tea i've got around here is lipton. :(

2008-12-25 18:49:19 ET

Next time your out shopping you should buy some. :)

2008-12-25 18:54:11 ET


2008-12-25 19:13:27 ET

sounds awesome! merry christmas and junk. sorry i haven't called you back yet - been pretty busy with family stuffs

2008-12-25 21:44:46 ET

How is the family stuffs treating you?

2008-12-25 21:47:15 ET

lars is lying. mutants don't have families, they come from the irradiated wastelands.

2008-12-25 22:03:20 ET

rev: the irradiated wastelands are in north dakota. where i was born. and my parents moved to missoula, montana. which really isn't much better. it's a tiny step up in scenery, maybe, but not much else.

jon: it's alright, more or less. though my brother's wife can be really frustrating at times. i still think that's a divorce waiting to happen.

2008-12-25 22:06:35 ET

Well..Montana is the irradiated wastelands, not that North Dakota is any better. Lars does admit though that he is a mutant.

2008-12-25 22:18:14 ET

well yeah pretty much.

2008-12-25 22:30:08 ET

mutant is just between zombie and sorority girl on the scale of humanoid monsters. i guess i can accept that.

2008-12-25 22:49:45 ET

trolls are fun too!

2008-12-25 23:12:18 ET

i've seen firsthand what a troll army can do.

2008-12-25 23:15:00 ET

do they all look like that girl?

2008-12-25 23:16:28 ET

all but their leader. he looked like your typical ppib hyperactive.

2008-12-25 23:19:10 ET

h0t. or something.

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