I updated..    2008-11-30 17:39:04 ET
My SK blog layout..Only took 2 years to do it.

 Useless Entry    2008-11-28 21:28:17 ET
I dont know what else to say.

 Awesome    2008-11-14 19:14:47 ET
10 minutes after I posted the previous entry, I got a phone call from Goodwill Industries, and I start work at 2pm tomorrow. Funny how things work out....:)

 Frustrated....Still pressing Onward.    2008-11-14 13:23:14 ET
It is 2:55pm, and I am sitting at Sureshot, a local coffeeshop in the U. District in Seattle. Yesterday I checked up on two jobs that I have applied for and had interviews at. They both said that I was still in the standings as far as potential as far as being hired goes, so all in all, that is a good thing. However though, in the meantime I am still unemployed; and that just is not cool.

I had a drug test for Goodwill Industries. They screen all their applicants that they interview with a drug test. I know I passed, since I don't do any drugs to begin with. But, then again, there is that horrible wait. The Vogue asked me to design a New Year's Eve poster for their New Year's Eve party come December 31st. I designed it over the past few days, and I sent them the finished product yesterday. I am pretty pleased with the result, as I am sure they will be as well. That is nice and everything, but after the joy of finishing a poster design fades away, I am still left with the fact that I DON'T HAVE A JOB yet.

I hope I get a call back soon. I am almost out of money and bills don't care if you have money to or not. They still come. I applied at a Bookstore in the area today as well. They were not hiring, but hey, I left them my resume anyways. Better safe than sorry. I have to call a place that sent me a reply via email that I applied at 2 days ago. Even though the job is out in Tukwila, it seems like a sure bet. All in all, I am fustrated due to the fact that I currently unemployed, at least I have some good potential jobs, and at least I am trying to change my job situation.

Frustrated, but still pressing onward. I am optimistic. I will land a job soon. Take care all of you.

 Update.    2008-11-11 19:54:05 ET
It is 9:30pm here and it is raining, with the promise of more rain to come in the future.
Got to love winters in Seattle. Rainy, but hey, it isn't cold. Well, I lost my job October 28, and I have
been looking for a new job since then. I have had some good interviews, but now i guess it is time for the waiting
game, and hope that one of them turns out. I am so tired of waiting. I hate not having any money, I hate not
having an income, I hate not having a job. I really do hope I get a call back soon...

And as far as Al's music store went, Fuck that place. What a shitty, shady, dead end pawnshop piece of shit music shop.

Seattle has sure been frustrating when looking for work so far. I do hope things turn in my favor soon.

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